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Sunday Worship: 10:30AM

Spiritual Questions.
Scriptural Answers.

We’ll listen, we’ll meet you where you’re at and we’ll walk with you to Christ.

You’ve got spiritual questions that relate to your life. It may be problems, anxiety, or just unknowns. We’ll meet you where you’re at to find promised relief in God’s Word. At Risen Savior Lutheran Church, we take the time to listen, learn with you, and lead you to Christ. Our church has welcoming people who care and will stand with you. God’s grace is free; no work, no guilt, free. We offer God’s grace free by pointing people to Jesus Christ.

Go ahead and ask any question, anytime. Feel confident you’ll be invited to study what the Bible says together, rather than getting a canned response from an expert, or blown off like your spiritual question doesn’t matter. If you live in Northwest Florida and you have spiritual questions we invite you to connect with us for Scriptural answers. We’ll listen, we’ll meet you where you’re at, and we’ll walk with you to Christ.

You’ll Find We Strive For Excellence
In Worship & In Outreach

Ministry That Gives A Sense of Community

Florida’s Panhandle is a place of movement. Military members and their families frequently are moving in and out. Many people living here moved from somewhere else. The ones who have lived here for a long time find themselves living among a constantly moving community. Many of us live far from where we grew up. That leads to lack of relationships, lack of connection to the community. Our ministry recognizes those needs. When our church gathers a real community comes together. Providing services to meet your need for relationships, connection, and community.

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